L’Autre Marché is a non-profit organization created in 2008 whose mission is to organise public markets and sustainable events and thus gathering the community.

L’Autre Marché encourages a local distribution network between the customers and the producers, allowing them to meet every week at the markets. L’Autre Marché creates a sustainable link between them and favours fair trade as well as organic and locally sourced products.

We are proud to give weekly access to a healthy, seasonal and local food production ; from farm to table.

More than simple markets

Above all, L’Autre Marché wishes to recreate a friendly public area where everyone can appreciate the summer while enjoying fresh and local products. For that purpose, a terrace is placed on the markets so that customers and producers can have a drink, eat and listen to some good music.

We also offer activities on the markets such as cooking classes, story-telling for children, circus arts, dance demonstration, horticultural classes and even more ! Don’t hesitate to have a look at our calendar if you want to know the complete list of our activities.

Welcome to L’Autre Marché, we are glad to welcome you. Together let’s consume, let’s share, learn and enjoy ourselves… responsibly.

Why would you buy from public markets?

Public markets offer many advantages whilst providing positive impacts on people’s quality of life. Shopping on a local public market can reduce our carbon footprint, contribute to the economical growth of the region and allow us to eat fresh and healthy food.

What’s more, markets usually stimulate the neighbourhood life and establish a link between the producers and the customers, a link that was often lost throughout the years. Buying locally directly from the producers is a healthy and responsible way to eat for us and for future generations.

The economic impact of public markets in Québec are significant. According to a study from the Association of French Canadian public Markets (Association des Marchés Public du Québec, 2011), $473.8 million is spent by consumers each year. The direct and indirect benefits of the public markets in Québec raise millions of dollars which contribute to increase the national GDP.


A committed and complementary team!


L’Autre Marché hosted several family and festive events these last few years both throughout summer and Christmas markets. These events sought to promote awareness about agriculture, buying local and investing in culture in a friendly and dynamic environment. L’Autre Marché was backed by several partners such as private companies, NPOs and local councils during the creation of all its projects.

A short history

The origins of L’Autre Marché come from Sophie Daubisse-Reznichek’s dream. When she settles in Rosemère in 2006, she envisaged a public market that can also raise awareness among people concerning local purchases, environment, art and culture.
After several months of negotiations with the city of Rosemère, a six weeks pilot project emerges in the autumn of 2007. And it’s a great success! The decision is taken to create L’Autre Marché during the year 2008

Many achievements and joint efforts

In 2009, it is the city of Mascouche’s turn to create, in partnership with L’Autre Marché and SODAM, another pilot project for a public market. That very same year in Montréal, in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough or more precisely in the Shop Angus areas, a first season of market is set up. All these new projects are successful.
L’Autre Marché keeps growing. When it comes to its mandate for the local production, it is considered as a reputed organization that became a reference and a leading model in this field.

L’Autre Marché keeps evolving with the same passion and enthusiasm but is also mindful to preserve a humanitarian and jovial aspect.
In 2015, at the request of the Plateau Mont-Royal borough, a pilot project is set up on Prince-Arthur street in an effort to revitalize and return the public space to the residents of the area. The first year is successful and in 2017 Prince-Arthur market settles on a new multipurpose square created after street renovations in the city. We wish to build a durable meeting place on a weekly basis for residents and producers.

Meanwhile, three new markets are created in 2016 : Griffintown, Cité-Rive and Marronniers. At the request of the Association of Griffintown residents, the market was born in a rapidly developing area where a lively neighbourhood began to emerge. The residences Cité-Rive and Marronniers for seniors, also call on L’Autre Marché. Summer markets as well as monthly markets during winter are set up there which is a nice way to grant elderly persons access to fresh and local produce without having to travel too far!

Finally in 2017, for the 375th Montreal anniversary, a temporary market opened five days per week, on the Promenade Fleuve-Montagne : Le Marché du Vieux. It is set up in an old renovated container and established in the old port of Montréal. Several local farmers offer a range of fresh, local and seasonal produce to residents, workers and tourists of this area. This new and innovative project is a huge successful and a steady client base is quickly established.

A big thank you to the splendid farmers and artisans, our valued partners, the local council and above all, our loyal customers without whom none of this would have been possible.

Would you like to host a public market in your area? Feel free to contact us!