We are happy to present you the producers that will be present this season on the market!

Discover our passionnate producers, food processors and artisans and get a look at what they will be offering.

 Support them by buying their products during all the season.

Acericultors and beekeepers

Ferme des Petits Cailloux

Maple products

Rucher Apis 

Organic honey and apiary products 


Elola Herboriste artisanale

Natural personal hygiene products 

Bakers and pastry chefs

Atelier Racines MTL

Plant-based bakery products

Beigne la bonne humeur

Potato donuts

Boulangerie Le Toledo

High quality breads and pastries made principally out of sourdough with organic and quebecoises flours.

Les Gourmandises de Mr.Félix

Cookies and other sweetness 

Still Good

Upcycled and fresh cookies, helping to reduce food waste


Aux 3 Petits Cochons Verts

Artisanal home made delicatessen

Boeuf  Angus


Ferme  Bruno  Guillet

Grain-fed calf

Ferme des petits moutons


Les Délices d’Arnaud

Foie gras


Guinea fowl and duck

Plume des champs

Pasture guinea fowl

Cheese makers

La Suisse Normande

Goat and cow cheese


OKALY  Fleurs

Floral atelier


Ecological flowers

Market gardeners

Ferme des Petits Cailloux

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries

Jardin de Versailles Inc.

Garlic, asparagus, blueberries and raspberries 

La PatsyCulture

Gardens’ fruits and vegetables, canned goods

Le  jardin  maraicher  de Lily  Adam

Naturally grown fruit and vegetables

O Saine Terre

Organic fruit and vegetables

Verger Christian Jodoin


Other producers


Spicy Rubis oil and vegan fruit cakes